Technical characteristics of Taghlaura greenhouse



The greenhouse is located in Samegrelo region, in the city of Khobi, at the territory adjoining the hospital.


The greenhouse is located  at the land plot with an area of 16000 sq.m. and consists of 3 structures, in all three structures the crop is grown on soil:  

  1. Main greenhouse:



“Gavishi system” is installed in the main greenhouse, which automatically controls the microclimate and irrigation of the system.

The weather  station which is also part of “Gavishi system”  and internal sensors, which define the relative humidity  and temperature of the greenhouse.

The heating system, whose main part are radial pipes and combination of temperature changer and boiler, where thermal water is used, as a main energy source, and natural gas or diesel in case if the external temperature is low than 2-3 degrees.

Thermal screen with double function-in case of high intensity of sun radiation creates the shadow necessary for plants, and in the period of cold winter  nights it is used as a thermo barrier  for economy of thermal energy.  Circulation and air vent-for circulation of internal air and ventilation of the whole area.

Double roofing of the ceiling  and its system which ensure reliable thermal isolation of the roof and reduce loss of energy. Automatically operated  side windows  for natural ventilation.

Rollers necessary for rolling of plants-“Pascal accessories”.  Drop system of irrigation. Irrigation plant, which enables to combine 5 different types of concentrates with irrigation water.


  1. Auxiliary greenhouses:



Manually operated thermal screen. Internal sensors which define relative humidity and temperature of the greenhouse, they are, for their part related  with central system; side windows-manually operated.  Pair air ventilators and their automated windows, which open while the ventilators work and close when they switch off. Dropping system of irrigation, which is connected with central system of irrigation. 


ADRESS Greenhouse - Chkondideli 3a, Khobi